May 15, 2011

Be Full of Love Wife for Husband

Allah Ta'ala says: "And We made them virgins. Lots of love again age in years. "(Surah al-Waqi'ah: 36-37) Ibn A'rabi said, "Al-'Urubu min An-Nisaa'i" (العرب من النساء) means women who are obedient to her husband and showed her love for him. " About the interpretation of 'urub (عرب) the commentators mentioned that the women are very loving husband, affectionate and spoiled to the husband, make love to her husband, making her husband's raging lust to him and make my husband dress up for it. Bukhari in Shahihnya said, "'Uruban (عربا) is a woman who so love to her husband." A Shalihah woman personal reflection of a loving and love to her husband. It never crossed his mind to love another man ... as the spoken Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, "The wives of the Garden you will be a very loving, that if he was hurt and hurt then he immediately came to her husband, she put her hand on the palm of the hand of her husband, as she says," I can not sleep until you meridhaiku. "(HR . Thabrani)

character and personality of the woman

Women with all the character and personality, he makes the figure of a very unique and very special. One expert physiognomy Sian Gan Gie (GGS), in the days of medieval China said that the character and personality of the woman can be seen from the shape of her breasts, while an expert on personality Simon Brown in his book The Secret Of Face Reading, analyzing the character and personality can be seen from the shape of her nose and there are still some others say that the character and personality can be seen from how to walk, dress, and there is a more unique again that can be seen from the preferred type of fruit. Very different is not it?

Marriage Provision

By: Shaykh Salih Al-Fauzan Fauzan
Islam is a universal religion. Religion that covers all aspects of life. No one else matters in this life, but has been described. And no one had problems, but have been touched by Islamic values, although these problems seem minor and trivial. That is Islam, the religion spread mercy for all creatures.
In the case of marriage, Islam has been talking a lot. From the criteria for candidates seeking support life, to how to interact with him when he officially became a conditioned heart. Islam provides guidance, as well as Islam directs how the guide holding a wedding party who like fun, but still get a blessing and not infringe sunnah of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam, as well as a simple wedding but still there is a special attraction. So Islam teaches.

May 14, 2011

The Role of Women in The Family

The role of women in the family is depending on the function of women within the family itself. Women can serve as a child, mother, daughter, in-law, brother, sister and wife, as already mentioned above was.
Women as a child in the family, usually will begin to study its role as an expectant mother and wife when he saw how his mother perform their function as mothers and wives.

May 13, 2011

Two Time Sleeping Prohibited by Rasulullah

Sleep becomes something that essence in our lives. Due to sleep, we become fresh again. The body is tired, the veins shrink, and the muscles that are used on the move all day, can rejuvenate again by sleep.In Islam, all acts of worship can be. Similarly, sleep, as exemplified by the Prophet. In the Qur'an, Allah commanded us to sleep. However, there are two recommended sleep time by the Prophet not to do :
1. Sleep in the Morning After Fajr PrayerFrom wadi'ah bin Sakhr Al-Ghamidi radliyallaahu 'anhu shallallaahu Praise be to Allaah Prophet, upon him blessings and peace: "O God, bless for my ummah in the morning" (Narrated by Abu Dawood 3 / 517, Ibn Majah 2 / 752, Ath-Thayalisi page 175, and Ibn Hibbaan 7 / 122 with saheeh chain).

May 12, 2011


If we read the Qur'an, then we can know that the creation of Prophet Adam. along with mother Eve, who serves as his wife and his life.
We know the story of Pharaoh's wife, who can prevent Pharaoh in his intention to kill Moses. As stated in the word of God Almighty.:

"And Pharaoh's wife said, '(He) eyeball  me and for thee. Do not kill him, hopefully he's useful for us or our  pick up a child, while they do not realize."(Al-Qashash Q.S.: 9).

May 11, 2011

Resurrection of Ummah

No doubt, that we live in an era the rise of Islam, after all this time the Muslims are unconscious and asleep in his sleep that prolonged, just as the Cave, where intervene on their enemies from the West, East, South and North. Then conquer and master it, so that easily drop them from their religion, namely Islam. Then replaced by force of new regulations, new laws, both in political and social issues.